MICHAEL STOCK is known for his “remarkable ear for dialog and his Pinteresque grasp for the meaning between words, and proves himself …to be an able spokesman for his generation.”     (Martin Denton, Plays and Playwrights 2004).

MICHAEL is a poet, playwright, writer of fiction, academic author, and still scribbles ideas on paper napkins.

As a playwright, he has two dozen produced scripts and many others in development.

MICHAEL is the recipient of the “Excellence in Playwrighting” Award from FringeNYC, a citation for Best New Play in Austin Fringe, a Communicator Award, and an NEA New Play Development Grant.

Here are a few examples of his playwrighting: a few of the monologues from a monologue project he Is writing as well as  the audio for a multi-media dance piece; and audio of a Classical Oratorio he wrote with his uncle, composer David Stock. 


Audio of “Euphrasy/EuKrazy” soundscape written by Michael Stock for a multi-media dance piece


Audio of “Hostage: An Oratorio” with music by David Stock and lyrics by Michael Stock


American Theatre Magazine

His work is published in The New York Theatre Experience’s Plays and Playwrights 2004, as well as Best Stage Scenes (Smith and Kraus), Best Men’s Monologues (Smith and Kraus), Best Women’s Monologues (Smith and Kraus), Acting Is Believing (Wadsworth Publishing), and Play With Purpose: Lessac Kinesensics in Action (The Lessac Training and Research Institute).

“Feed The Hole” in Plays and Playwrights

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His plays include:

Seagull, Accidental Death of An Anarchist, Trojan Women, The Influencer, Oedipus at Colonus, No Chaos: Pollock’s Wife, Chicago 7 (+2), Apart/A Part, Profiles In Courage, HUSTLE, The Ice Lid, Euphrasy/EuKrazy, Lula, TorturedBeautiful, Deaf Hearing: A War Piece, Pyramus & Thisbe, Feed The Hole, The Ledge, Trojan WomeNYC, Awake & Slumber, Great Expectations, Lady Chaplin And Her Tramp, Night of Introductions, an adaptation of Amadeus, Lenny Bruce, Alive! (Co-writer), lyrics for songs for Pericles, and Hostage: An Oratorio for which he wrote the book and lyrics and his late uncle, David Stock, wrote the music.

Additionally, MICHAEL wrote and performed a video piece for Regina Taylor’s lobby performances of “Stop. Reset.” at the Goodman Theatre.

Contact MICHAEL to read additional, unpublished works.

Read an interview of MICHAEL by Martin Denton and Indie Theater Now:


MICHAEL‘s plays have been produced in NYC, Austin, Pittsburgh, Chicago, and universities around the country.